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Sharlet + Hollander lead seminars and workshops on using social media, creative writing, and documentary photography to develop powers of perception and the lost art of storytelling that unlock true innovation.

Jeff Sharlet is an award-winning and nationally bestselling writer and editor of six books of creative nonfiction—the art of fact. Sharlet is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Dartmouth College and a frequent contributor to publications such as Harper’s, GQ, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Virginia Quarterly Review. [Full bio here.]

Tanja Hollander is an internationally-exhibited photographer who lectures widely on social media, art and communication. Her current project, “Are You Really My Friend,” incorporating text, video, and more than 3,000 photographs from around the world will be the subject of a 2017 one-woman show at MASS MoCA, the largest contemporary museum in the United States. [Full bio here.]

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